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    Best groomer I have ever encountered. I am that super picky doggie mom - that feeds raw and organic, is fully holistic and natural, and takes better care of her doggies than herself. I used to groom my babies myself (did a terrible job) but didn't care as long as they were not stressed (they got crazy nervous with a groomer).

    That being said, Nadia, is what I have been looking for in a groomer! She has super calm and soft energy. Has all the patience in the world. Is super sweet, sensitive, and gentle; Is meticulous and takes great care in ensuring all looks good, in the most soft and loving way. She was kind enough to do the grooming in my house (I asked) so that the pups would be less stressed out. She is an angel! My doggies loved her - and so did I! She is an angel!

    All else was perfect too - Carlos, who picked up the phone - actually picked up the phone! I had called 3 other mobile groomers and left messages for them, so very refreshing to have a liver person. He was super nice, friendly and could tell had great energy and compassion. He coordinated the visit quickly and kept me informed all the time until Nadia arrived. Everything was absolutely perfect - and am so grateful to have found them! Needless to say - highly highly highly recommend!

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    This is my first time with Bark for Cuts and I am very happy with the service provided. They are super friendly and take good care of your dog. Will definitely contact them again!

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    I know there are lots of grooming’s businesses . But I highly recommend this one, not only for the good prices, and availability they have, is also for the good service and the “love” they have for our “little friends”.

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    Miami Animal Rescue exclusively uses Bark for Cuts to groom all rescue dogs and personal animals as well. You can only work with the best in the industry when you work with abused animals, scared animals, recovering animals - and Bark For Cuts shows over and over with their compassion, professionalism and enthusiasm that they are that one of a kind partner. We trust them with all animals, they love what they do and it shows. They go above and beyond for your furry friends and you can absolutely trust them. We are 100% proud with our relationship with Bark For Cuts and we 100% recommend their services to all pet owners in Miami Dade!!!